Research Category: Ahl Al Bait, Arabic literature
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Taff Verses are the poems or poetry that elegizes Al-Hussein bin Ali (P.B.U.H.) , his companions and his household and described the ordeal encountered by his family after his death in the excruciating Taff battle in Kerbala ever since.

These Verses have undoubtedly passed through various stages of development. Were these Verses bits or stanzas or poems? What are their general themes, objective and artistic characteristics? How did they evolve through the ages and reached perfection?

The research tackles the answer to the afore-mentioned queries and checks their historical and artistic development from the beginning in the form of bits or stanzas and their crystallization as eulogies of Ahlul-Bait(The Prophet’s Household) or their elegies as one finds the Kumait Hashimiyat and the T-Rhyming poem of Di’bil Al-Khuza’ee and then their independence under Al-Sharif Al-Radhi and the clarity of their Structural design and finally how they entered into the mainstream of Arabic poetry up to the modern times.