About the College 

The Faculty of Law is one of the first colleges in Ahlulbait University. It was founded in 2003. It grants a bachelor›s degree in law and graduate students who are qualified to practice law and legal consultations in public and private sector institutions.



1. To contribute to the dissemination of legal knowledge and to promote the consolidation of the values of justice and the rule of law and society. 
2. To provide the community with legal professionals who enhance the ideas and aspirations of the new civil society in line with Islamic legislation.
3. To reflect the principles of human rights through contributing to local and international conferences and specialized scientific researches.
4. To build cultural and scientific relations with the faculties of law in Arab and international universities with high scientific level to benefit from the expertise and scientific research, as well as relations with universities and local governmental and private colleges to support the scientific research process in the field of legal studies.

Future Vision 

The Faculty of Law aspires to be the advanced colleges by exerting the utmost efforts to provide as much legal knowledge as possible to all segments of society.

 Scientific Activities 

Since its establishment, the Faculty of Law has been keen to keep abreast of all developments through the holding of scientific and cultural symposia in order to elevate the legal reality and also contribute to supporting the scientific movement through holding annual conferences that led to the improvement of the legal and cultural level in the society. These conferences, about 12 conferences, on both academic and social levels, brought together a lot of scholars and researchers. So many scientific seminars and symposia held by the college in collaboration with lecturers and students periodically.