Education is the most important Pillars of the desired social change, and as our Arab and Islamic societies, including the Iraqi one, are in a need of comprehensive change in the economic, cultural and architectural infrastructure, so there is no way to make a changing except by starting with the human being as he is the basis of each kind of change in the society .

In this way, an essential part of the process of changing is made through education, which is a national responsibility of the educational institutions that operates synonymous with the rest of the national institutions of the modern state that faces major challenges and contributes the furtherance of human civilization .



            Ahl Al Bayt University meets the needs of the country to the social leaders capable of moving the society towards prosperity; it also seeks to provide educational institutions with qualified staff capable of raising a good generation , and to create a cultural atmosphere in the society that characterized by the virtues of the prophet family peace be upon them .

The University seeks to raise the level of university education up to that of developed countries in terms of scientific sobriety and to achieve quantum leaps in performance levels up to reach the international standards .

The University seeks also to provide services to the Iraqi community to meet labor market needs by qualifying a staff capable of running the state institutions professionally and sincerely .



Prepare qualified human resources of BA holders of various majors .

Spread the values ​​of science and knowledge, cultural dialogue and Islamic culture, and publish studies and research papers .

Attract the qualified teaching staff and making use of their expertise .

Qualify and develop the capacities of youth by means of workshops and training courses .

Activate the scientific research movement at the local, regional, and international level .

Enhance the cultural relations and exchange among educational and academic institutions, the national and international ones .