The logo of the universityشعار جامعة أهل البيت عليهم السلام :

  • The pen represents knowledge.
  • The mihrab (prayer niche) represents the prayer, the great aims of the university and the approach of Ahl Al Bayt (prophet family peace be upon them).
  • The globe represents the internationality of the university and its seeking to promote and improve its scientific level in order to reinforce its status and position.
  • The sun represents sciences and culture of Ahl Al Bayt (prophet family) which is the culture of tolerance, coexistence and rationality; and the sun rays represent the seeking of the university to spread these sciences around the world which is the most important responsibility of the university.
  • The university entrance became a part of the logo to show that it is more than a simple badge; our logo is a fixed fact and it is a commitment taken by the university on itself.


The anthem of the university :