The college of Dentistry at Ahlulbait University was established in 2017. It is the second scientific medical college after the College of Pharmacy. It is regarded as a scientific, educational institution of public service. Its main objective is to prepare cadres responsible for providing the community with  health services in all areas of dental specialties.


The College seeks to use the latest and best methods of education through highly experienced cadre, providing a purely scientific environment that gives its students the modern experience and provide a unique treatment service for the society.


1. Preparing a qualified medical personnel to work in health and therapeutic institutions for dentistry as well as in face and jaw surgery.
2. Providing a therapeutic service through the advanced educational hospital that offers the latest advanced treatment devices with the latest scientific techniques and a capacity of 200 dental chairs. It offers the following services:

1.    Diagnostic and Radiation Service.
2.    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
3.    Dental Compensations.
4.    Dental Protection.
5.    Treatment of Children ‘s teeth.
6.    Orthodontics.
7.    Teeth Treatment and Restoration. 
8.    Dental Root Fillings.
9.    Periodontal Disease Treatment and Around the Teeth.
10.     Early Detection of Diseases.

3. Preparing specialized medical cadres with higher degrees (higher diploma, master’s, doctorate) through the adoption of academic program for postgraduate studies.
4. Carrying out and publishing scientific researches in all specialties of dentistry, holding seminars and training courses, holding scientific conferences and workshops aiming at developing the scientific and practical reality.

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