The department was founded in 2005-2006.


Holy shrines in Iraq and Islamic countries are considered as an economic, intellectual and historical wealth that is less similar in other countries of the world. They are also a way to promote Islamic brotherhood among Muslims and a place of cultural unity between Muslims and other nation; so if the holy shrines play such a role, it is better for us to educate ones who can guide and talk about them historically, do some of their traditions and have the scientific qualification and academic sober that qualifies them for such a task.

Therefore, we decided to establish a department in Ahl Al Bayt University that is interested in the studying of holy shrines of all Muslims without exception in an academic study way, so that the name of the department will be (Religious tourism department).

The Department aims to prepare staff that is qualified to work in religious tourism facilities as following:

Manage the work in tourist offices and religious tourist establishments.

Manage the trips and religious delegations.

Conduct the public relations functions in tourist offices and airlines.

Carry out the tasks of religious tourism guidance.

Bachelor's degree holder from Religious Tourism department can work in the following jobs:

Guide in Hajj and Umrah with Hajj convoys work as a

Work in stewardship of holy shrines

Work as A religious tour guide for visitors from Arab and Islamic countries in the specialized tourism companies.

Work as a guide for Iraqis who want to visit the holy shrines of the rest of Islamic countries.