About the College


The college of Arts is one of the four colleges by which the University of Ahulbait was founded in 2003/2004 with colleges of law, Islamic sciences and pharmacy. The college has three departments: Arabic language, Journalism, and English language.
College has graduated ten classes in Arabic language, nine classes in journalism and media, and seven classes in English. The number of students for the current academic year is 500 students.
The college is also a member the permanent central committee of the colleges of arts, languages, media and heritage in Iraq.

The message

Based on the college’s belief that societal culture expresses the values of science, humanity and spirituality, represented by literature, language and media in general, as it is the cornerstone of the development of nations and the building of societies, the mission of the college embodied these trends by providing our society with the minds scientifically qualified, scientific and educational research skills, for the welfare of the nation and the advancement of its promising civilization, by God’s willing.

Scientific Activities

Since its establishment, the college of Arts has been keen to keep abreast of all developments through the holding of scientific and cultural symposia in order to elevate the literary reality and also contributed to supporting the scientific movement through holding annual conferences that led to the improvement of the literary and cultural level in the society. So many scientific seminars are held by the college in Collaboration with lecturers and students periodically.


College of Arts has a common library with the college of Islamic Sciences which contains thousands of references, theses and dissertations in literature and poetry, both in Arabic and English. The library also contains literary stories and novels, books in the fields of journalism and mass media, as well as the curriculum books. Moreover, alongside the books of language, journalism and literature, the library contains resources in various fields which are available for all  professors, students and researchers inside and outside the college.