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   We have found from this research that the Iraqi press had supported the positive attitude of the national liberation movement led by the Libyan Arab people, under the leadership of Omar Mukhtar SNOUSSI, embodied in written about the events of the revolution, and its national and pan-Islamic, despite all the pressure that was intercepted by the political systems since the rule Iraq from the Ottoman Empire and its ruling is known, then the British colonial and the closure of all national newspapers, in spite of the bad conditions in the Iraqi press and the disruption of the closure and the arrest of editors, and then dealing with the bleeding wound of Iraq, but it has not been overlooked in the Iraqi control of the conduct of the battles fought by the sons of Arabism and Islam in the country of aggression against the brotherly Libyan Italian, although there were periods of less resistance to the Libyan people's news in the Iraqi press for the transition of these newspapers to address the situation of Iraq, particularly the Treaty of 1930 imposed by the English unfair to the Iraqi people, but once again a year later in 1931, especially after the death of martyrs Sheikh Omar Al-Mukhtar.