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The English orientalist  S. M. Stern wrote an article about Muhammed Bin    Ubada AL- Qazaz in AL- andulus magazine overhalf acentury ago. Although a long period of time passed.               

This articale was not translated into Arabic , and not referred to by the Arab researchers worleing in the field of Andulusi studies. owing to its importance , I must translate the article into Arabic to let the Arab reader have an idea about it.

Stern , who wrote the article , is a professor of the oriented studies in Oxford University , and enriched the Eureapean megazines with his researches in the field of Hebrew – Arabic contrastive stuelies. His studies are various and living and concerned with Andulus and the Arabian west. these studies ane restricted to Andulusi terza rima , of which ane the following:


History of the Hebrew – Arabic literature in the middle ages.

Hebrew – Spanish ter3a rima ( Andulus 1948 )

 Arabic  ter3a rima with Spanish rhymes.

Hebrew poetry with Arabic explanations ( Hebrew – Spanish magazine 1950 )

Manuscripts of the poetry of Abu Alala Alma'ari ( Oranus 1954 ).

Ibn Al – khteed and Al- Safadi (Arabica 1955 )

Ibn Qazman ( Andulus 1951 )

Andulusi terza rima (Oxfard 1970 ) , and other researehes about Fatimids and their relations with Europe.


He died in 1975 and left students following his steps in the

same specialty. They continued his studies and ambitions , of whom is Alan John who published the book of Ibn Bushra entitled عدة الجليس وموانسة الوزير  and his research about Muhammed Bin Ubada AlQazaz in Andulus magazine 1950.

This poetof ter3a rima was specialized in the prince of Mariah Muhammad Bin Samadih Al- Tajibi. Al – Qazaz was the most undisputed poet of ter3a rima in the communities age who worked for a family with a respected cilivizational history , i. e. , RIbn Samadih family which owned the famous fleet in the mediterranian sea. Most of the literary historians mentioned him when they talked about the poets of ter3a rima like Ibna Sana'a Al – Mulik in دار الطراز , Ibna Al- Khteeb in جيش التوشيح  , and Al – Safadi in توشيع التوشيح and others. He was first referred to by Ibna Saeed Al – Ghrnati in his book المقتطف من ازاهير الطرف  and was followed by Ibna Khaldoon in his book " Introduction ".

Ibna Saeed said: the erudite Batlusi stated that he heardl Aba Bakir Bin Zahar say that all the poets of ter3a rima are dependent on Ubada Al – Qazaz who was not excelled by his contemporaries. At last , this is the poet wham , would like to present to the Arabic reader and researcher in the field of ter3a rima.