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The two poets are from the famous contemporary poets , the first lived in lran and the second lived in lraq , and both of the two poets had a main role in renewing and they defend a great deal both the rights of society in general and the rights of women and their Freedom in special . the two poets felt sad and desperate after the dawn falls of the Iraqi and lranian society due to the disasters and troubles  that brought by the two world wars and what they cause of a state of deprive and tyranny and the corruption  that spread in the two states so each of the two poets as they are writing on the same case , they regarded poetry as a means to express the state of sadness and despair which they suffered and in the same time , they used poetry to show the state of their communities and  to move the feelings and the sentiments of the people of both countries and revolution against the tragic reality and the two poets played clear role in this side and from here , we can say that their outcomes were two different schools for the generation that Followed them , and they were two changing points in the course of live for the people of the two countries towards the warmth and safety beaches to achieve what they want .