This college is one of the first colleges at Ahl Al Bayt University since it was established in 2003.

The length of study in this college is four years. It offers the ‎Bachelors degree in law and prepares graduates to become lawyers and legal advisers in the public and private sector institutions and it thus seeks to achieve its aims.



Contribute to spreading legal knowledge in promoting the values ​​of justice and rule of law in society.

Provide the society with legal staff that believe and understand the ideas and trends of the new civil society in compliance with Islamic legislation.

 Embody the principles of human rights by contributing in local and international conferences and specialized scientific researches.

Build cultural and scientific relations with colleges of law in world-class universities to benefit from their scientific expertise and researches as well as relations with local college to support scientific research movement in the field of legal studies .

College of Law is looking forward to be at the same level of the advanced colleges through making strenuous efforts in providing the highest amount of legal knowledge to all segments of the society, including the public sector.



the mission of the college has been sprung from its belief that the law means the rights and reciprocal obligations and human happiness in the society can be achieved only by understanding this exchange; in addition to Self-denial that stands out through the demonstrating of moral consciousness by members of the society derived from the divine honor of man, Which is conducive to respect the rights and freedoms based on the basis of the idea of justice; so it is necessary to promote the dissemination of legal culture in the light of the fact that the law represents mind devoid of fancy.