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Among the Islamic Arab cities ,Najaf city gain it's important because of it's, civilized religious  ,and inherited depth since it is located on the step of Al Hirra the capital of Al Manathira before Islam and because it is near Al Kufa the capital of the Islamic government during the period of the forth Kalifa Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib (PBUH)and also it contain the Islaimc university in (the fifth century pilgrimage ,eleventh D.C) after moving Al Shaikh Al Toosi for it to be after the falling of Baghdad(1258 D.C , 656 P) one of the important ,scientific, cultural ,and spiritual centers in the Islamic and Arab world and still Najaf since Al Toosi arrived to it on 448 P and stabled in it scientific center and religious .

Najafi journalism had the big media role in rooting humanitarian and religious concept and confirm the honor to liberate the peoples and return their rights back and it was fuelled with best essays and most brightness researches which reflect the gloomier of the Najafi thinking with creation and armed with native talent

If the main tasks for journalism is the education of the justice principle and spread it among the community to calm down the people of their rights  , Najafi journalism contributed in refreshing the minds , developing the education , improving the Arab culture , buffering many of the journalism talents , and depth the communication between Najaf and international world.