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Cluster mentions, weapons used in tens of countries, in different conflicts, international and non international, maimed and killed thousands of civilians in different areas of the world. the countries with support of non international organizations , have plans to stop it using for ever by international conventions ,singes in Dublin 2008 , this research focusing not on the humanitarian effects nor the states parties obligations only ,it focusing on if this convention can apply without obstacles which known in other conventions dealing with disarmaments , the main points discussed in it, if this a treaty have power to continue in steps of apply in national levels , with show the strong provisions of it , like the compliance and transparency measures ,

The research to be covered all sides of conventions of banning cluster mutations , the researcher also made compared between the international treaties of disarmaments like biological, chemical , nuclear as well as anti personnel land mines 1997 , to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of treaty .

And to answer on the main questions, cluster munitions treaty, just a simple humanitarian memorandum or a real treaty? , the research answered on this questions by review the provisions of apply the treat accordance to international measures, and its real have dramatic changes, by prevent states parties for withdraw and reservations from treaty, as well as request from states parties to present annual reports about apply provisions dealing with destruction stockpiling of cluster munitions, national legislation to assist the victims of cluster munitions weather for whom effects in direct or non,

Absolute this treaty will be the second steps and threshold for next steps on the way for banning anew kinds of weapons