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   Through the above modest in this research, we must recall in this position, what we have achieved, which is humbly include the following points:

1. The beginnings of national action in the life of Sheikh Abu pros Karbalai represented in participation in the fight against the English through his sermon, the revolutionary impact of his poems enthusiastic religious edict issued by the Shirazi cleric in Karbala.

2.It was prominent in the leadership of the revolution twenty-advocate, and detainees because of the pro-independence and the establishment of an Arab monarchy in Iraq.

3. The opponents of the Iraqi-British Treaty of 1922 improved the image of the assignment been influenced by the advisory opinion of the scientists, where the cost of the position to resign from the post of Ministry of Education.

4. The body of Abu pros Karbalai melding of religious feeling QNB and national level. Where he was able to inflame the feelings of the masses against colonization during religious occasions and his role in it as well as its relations with the leaders of national freedom and the clergy.

5. The students to pay attention to the Arab cities Mujahidin who did not get what they bestowed upon their peers from the Mujahedeen Arab centers, or capitals, although they are creative Thairon to liberate their country from the yoke of a foreign occupier.

Despite all that fair that the search requires us to give this man all right, though the research plan which we are committed not to require elaboration and narrative, but to highlight the most significant and important in the life of the man and the conclusion, we hope that we have succeeded in the preparation of this research is reconciled to God