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In fact the attorney general mandated, and survey: comparative study

In fact, it is an envitable to say that the  attorney general would take part movements seeking an objective justice of the conflicts resighted by rules of low.

That motives would identify the aspiration of the justice as well as the right recognition drown by the judge initiatives, cemented a truth strengthened on fona bide decision oh the attorney general collectively criterion, all that are more applicable on the human being efficiency taken into account by the effective justice on a free verdict rapidly reviewed. Therefore the civil judrisdiction implication would identify the trail right which ascertained the rule of justice, individual rights viewed by the public and the general principles of laws.

Indeed the individual rights could be specified as a social public function mandate soughed by the general authorities

That forfeit with the defending desire based on the juri decision.

The major function of the attorney general of the civil issues could be found into effective risk in the light of the social, economics, political plea incase of the criminal movements.

Conflicts treaties which are viewed from the defensive sights or other prosection parties. In the case of claimed against the other parties could be award through an and the effective legal consultancy. The strong hold, or the solid state courtesy article objective is favorable to be debaitable during the trial judgment proceeding.