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Doubtlessly, the Quran from the time of its descent to our Holy Prophet, Muhammad, has had a great effect on its audience, especially man of literature among whom poets. This Book is such a gracious origin for whom wish to inspire from its verses. In addition to Muslims followers of other divine religions are influenced by Quranic concepts, too.

Some of  Palestinian contemporary poets get inspired by Quran’s valuable concepts and its stories, in fight against Zionist Regime. They have made use of Quranic intertextuality which alongside literal, historical and mythical intertextuality, it is a topic worthy to analysis and investigation.

In the present study, it is intended to examine the poems of Samih-Al-Gasem, Palestinian adversary poet, who is among pioneers of resistance literature. In order to analyze and examine Quranic intertextuality in the poems of the mentioned poet, descriptive- analytical method was employed.